Inventory Management

Keeping track of all your stocks and managing them in real-time has never become easier.
– Trying to generate the list for new stocks?
– Want to know the stock counts?
– Or want to even calculate the total possible waste?
– Do it all in a matter of a few clicks. Now, Isn’t that sweet?

Get Baker management Application

Make every task EFFICIENT

Get Baker management Application

Sync With Production Sheet

Get Baker management Application

See changes in the inventory level in real-time as you decide on your production sheet day in and day out. 

Be more accurate and save waste in production by figuring out exactly what to procure, and in what volume with the production sheet sync feature. Have a glance through the purchased order list in a few clicks.


Get Baker management Application

Know everything you need to know about the in-stock level with a built-in stocktake. Sort your inventory and analyze stock level with date, location, packaging types, cost, supplier name, and storage style filters.

Bakeroo for the baker
Get Baker management Application
Revolutionize Your Bakery: Mastering Wastage Management for Maximum Efficiency!

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